my reviews

Mem, I got your wonderful treats on Tuesday and have already tried the Olive Oil, the green olives, the oregano and the sumac. Everything is so delicious! I have already written to some of my friends to tell them about your web site and I told everyone to say “M sent me!” if they place orders. 😉I checked and Mem, your amazing olive oil is only 40 pence more than “Tesco’s Finest” Sicilian or Tuscan olive oil. Less than £1.00 difference and yours is SO much better. I had just purchased a bottle of evoo last week for £12.50. I put some of yours and this other in two small bowls and gave them to my husband with some bread. I asked him to pick the better one. He picked yours. When I told him it was half the price of the other, he was shocked! Is there a place to leave reviews for you and your fine products?I love the picture of your grandparents on the label, too. Reading about your grove and your family brings the flavours to life!M w